SA Guide to Diesel Watches (10 Bar, 5 Bar & 3 Bar)

SA Guide to Diesel Watches (10 Bar, 5 Bar & 3 Bar)

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Diesel Watches have become one of those must have items in any mans wardrobe. The Diesel Watches price allows for most men to own one of these timepieces while still maintaining status as a branded or luxury watch. You get a variety of styles which can be paired to any event. From formal to casual wear, Diesel has designed a watch for any occasion.

Here are the different series’ of Diesel watches and their names :

Diesel Mega Chief Watch ( Diesel 10 Bar Watch) Only the Brave Diesle Mr Daddy Watch (Diesel 5 Bar Watch) Diesel Mini Daddy Watch (Diesel 3 Bar Watch)

        Diesel Mega Chief Series                       Diesel Mr Daddy Series                        Diesel Mini Daddy Series

            Diesel 10 Bar Watch                                  Diesel 5 Bar Watch                                 Diesel 3 Bar Watch

Diesel watches for men are made to compliment a rugged and manly look. Probably the the most popular of all the models is the Diesel 10 Bar watch which is also known as the Mega Chief series. In every series there is a wide variety of models including the choice of straps. You can choose from leather, stainless steel or high-quality rubber straps.

Diesel Mega Chief Watch (Diesel 10 Bar Watch) – View Collection

We would call the the Diesel Mega Chief the “Big Daddy” of the diesel collection, but that is too close to the next watch so we will call it their “Best Seller” The Diesel Mega Chief watch  also called the Diesel 10 Bar Watch or the Diesel only the Brave watch is a chronograph watch which shows one time, a stopwatch over 3 dials and the date.

You get the Mega Chief in various colors and configurations including Gun Metal Black, Silver, Gold, White Black and a mixture of these which strap options including stainless steel, leather and rubber. There is definitely a configuration that will suite your style or event. Click here for an up to date Diesel 10 Bar Watch Price

Diesel Mr Daddy Watch (Diesel 5 Bar Watch) – View Collection

The Diesel Mr Daddy is the black sheep of the family, a real rebel watch and only for those who want lots of attention drawn to them. Also known as the Diesel 5 Bar watch, the Big Daddy offers a crazy 4 times on 1 watch. This means you can set 4 time zones, all analogue on a single timepiece. You also have a date and stopwatch function on the dial.

If you are an adrenalin junky, raver or street racer this is the watch for you. If you are a watch collector you should really have one of these in your collection, the charisma of it makes it a great watch to have in your case. Click here for an up to date Diesel 5 Bar Watch Price

Diesel Little Daddy Watch (Diesel 3 Bar Watch) – View Collection

This watch is for those that like the Diesel style but would like to ease into it rather than make an in-your-face statement. Some ladies also like this style as it is not as bulky as the other two. The Diesel little Daddy watch also known as the Diesel 3 Bar watch also works well for people with small wrists as it still has the rugged look. This watch has 2 time zones and no date. Click here for an up to date Diesel 3 Bar Watch Price

Diesel Gold Watch

If you are a man of gold have a look at the gold watches on offer below, a Diesel gold watch has all the flash you can handle, it will be a head turner and a conversation starter.

Click image for price.

Diesel Gold Watch Mega Chief 10 Bar Diesel Gold Watch Mini Daddy Diesel 3 Bar Gold Watch


Diesel Black Watch

Black Watches have been trending lately and as Diesel is at the forefront of trends they are not to be left behind.

Click image for price.

Diesel 10 Bar Watch Black Diesel 3 Bar Watch Black Diesel 5 Bar Watch Black Mr Daddy


Top Selling Diesel Watches (Click to View)

Diesel Mega Chief Best Sellers

Diesel Mega Chief DZ4282 - Most Popular Diesel Mega Chief Watch (Diesel 10 Bar Watch)

Diesel Mega Chief DZ4318

Diesel Mega Chief DZ4360

Diesel Mr Daddy Best Sellers

Diesel Mr Daddy DZ7333 - Most Popular Diesel Mr Daddy Watch ( Diesel 5 Bar Watch)

Diesel Mr Daddy DZ7370

Diesel Mr Daddy DZ7313

Diesel Mini Daddy Best Sellers

Diesel Mini Daddy DZ7307 - Most Popular Diesel Mini Daddy Watch (Diesel 3 Bar Watch)


You have to love the Diesel Only the Brave slogan, which is displayed on all watches with enough space. Diesel have opted to go for as many as 5 time zones on each watch and the chronograph does not feature the options on some other brands. It still looks equally impressive and if you do travel to 5 different time zones this could certainly come in handy.

The “bar” refers to waterproof status where 10 bar is 100m and 5 bar is 50m. The 10 Bar worn while swimming where the 5 bar can get wet from rain / splash etc. Although it should be ok it is not advised to bath or shower with these watches as it tends to fade them over time which will require a polishing.

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