Diesel Mega Chief Watches (Diesel 10 Bar Watches)

The Diesel Mega Chief watch gunmetal black is one of the most popular watches in the world. The Diesel Mega Chief review find that there are two watches favored by clientele around the globe, the first is the Diesel Mega Chief watch Black and the second is the Diesel Meg Chief watch Gold. The Diesel Mega Chief black is extremely trendy and goes well with the current fashion trend in black timepieces. The Diesel watches as a whole are extremely versatile, there is literally a watch for any occasion, from a black tie event to a street race there is a watch for you.

The Diesel Mega Chief chronograph boasts a date function, stopwatch and time dials. The stopwatch is spread over 3 dials and makes the watch look great. The diesel mega chief silver is also beautiful especially with the leather strap. Of the diesel watches I have worn I have preferred the leather strap over the stainless steel one. The most popular of this paticular series is the diesel men's dz4282 mega chief gunmetal watch. You can click here for a full diesel dz4282 review.

Diesel watches are known for their rugged looks and are seen as a "real" mans watch. There are women who also love this look and for those with smaller wrists usually go for the Diesel Mini Daddy Watch




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